9-12 School Classes Reopening from 21st September – School Kab Khulenge – Full News

9-12 School Classes Reopening from 21st September – School Kab Khulenge – Full News

9-12 School Classes Reopening from 21st September, here is the complete news. The answer to your question School Kab Khulenge.

The Ministry has allowed the schools to be re-open on the voluntary basis. Student’s attendance will be voluntary and only to pursue guidance from the teachers. Where, those students who wish to come to school will need to take their parents/guardians written consent.
On the other note, the online classes are to be followed in the same manner.
Here are the key SOP’s that need to be followed.

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  • If the students are attending the school, then they will have to wear the masks/face covers compulsorily.
  • Those schools which were used as quarantine centres must be sanitized properly.
  • Those students should not be allowed in the school which live in the containment zones.
  • Also, schools outside the containment zones are not allowed to be re-open.
  • The sitting arrangements in the classrooms must be done in order to avoid any serious problems.
  • All the work areas like libraries, laboratories, common utility areas must be sanitized with 1% of sodium hypochlorite solution.
  • The entry points of the schools will have hand sanitizers and thermal screening for temperature.
  • The physical distance of 6 feet between each student should be maintained.
  • The schools must draw markings at the areas like cafeterias, mess, staff rooms etc.
  • Sharing of items like classmates or stationaries will be strictly prohibited.
  • The students must cover their faces while coughing or sneezing.
  • If any student suffer any serious illness or problem must report to the teacher immediately.
  • Hand sanitizers should be kept outside the classrooms with minimum 60% of alcohol.
  • Students will have to wash their hands frequently(for at least 40-60 seconds) even if there is no mark of dirt on hand.

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