A Little Hacks to make it easier

Watch video lecture

Help yourself understand the chapter first.

Read NCERT/Notes

Give your mind some exercise by relating the concepts that you studied.

NCERT All Questions

Attempt all the questions given in NCERT, In-text, Back Exercise, everything!

Previous Year Questions

Do all the previous year questions of that chapter.

Practice Sample Paper

Till here, you are at almost end of preparing a chapter to the maximum. Now, all you need is solving sample papers!


How do we make notes?

First, we decide the important content by referring to NCERT and the previous year trends. Then the content is sent to the writing team, which writes the notes on an iPad. Then, these notes are sent for designing, to add highlights and graphics. Then, website team takes over, make it compatible for all devices & shares on the website.

Why choose these notes?

These notes are especially hand-crafted from a student point of view. These notes contains certain highlights, relatable thoughts, and excerpts in Hindi to make everything more clear and understanding. Also, these notes are verified by those who were among School Toppers of their time.

Are these notes really for free?

Yes, these notes are for free. Though we have a team working on it and it requires resources, we try to keep this content for free so that you can study better, without any excuses.

If these notes are for free, how do you manage?

At Padhle, we are more like your seniors, and are very honest to all of you. The revenue generated by the website and the contribution that you make through the QR Code is all what makes us running, that's why we request you to share this website as much as possible.

Can I share these with my school/friends?

Definitely, as long as you share the website link, and spread our idea and our notes, we are more than happy. Make sure you also recommend your friends to use Padhle for all there study material needs, and share them whenever a new launch arrives.

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