INDIA’S First Quality Educational Podcast, brought to you by Padhle

First, Why Snippets?

no screens

Amidst the online classes, its necessary to give your eyes a break. Snippets do not require you to stare into the screens.

bomb quality

The Audio files are monitored, compressed, amplified according to all types of earphones, and then uploaded for your use.


Save your time, these are not an hour long podcasts. As the name suggests, snippets! That’s it.

remember songs?

The same way, let Snippets role into your head, and remember concepts just like songs.

easy peasy

We got you, lemon squeezy right? Frank language, just consider your friend whispering into your ears.

ye bhi?

Well, drums rolling, ummmm. Ok, so yes. This is also FREE of cost. Now go listen!

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Is that it?
Not at all, connect with us for latest updates.