A very special news for the entire Padhle Fam, Padhle is bringing 3 Months Day-wise timetable for your CBSE 10th Boards in 2021. This time table has been made for all the 10th standard students, which they can now download from the website! Isn’t it amazing, that they don’t need to ask their peers for their it and then follow other’s timetable!? Exactly, the thought itself is very exciting and challenging that now you don’t need to make your own time-table with so much effort and thinking. You are getting the Perfect and Best 3 months 24/7 time-table, which is made for only 10th standard students.

We at Padhle have made sure this legacy continues. Listed below are handwritten notes for class 9 taken out directly from NCERT, covering all the points and concepts.

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Benefits of having a perfect time-table:

1. It saves your time and effort:  
So, you can easily concentrate on your studies.

2. Reduces error: 
Once, the time-table is available with you, the chances for making error reduced.

3. Substitute management:
With the help of a time-table you can manage that how much time you will need to give for one subject or to a particular topic or how much revision is left and you can allot timings for specific subject.

4. Helps in achieving specific goal of marks:
You can easily achieve the goal of desired marks with a scheduled time-table easily. 

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5. Helps in tackling problem of mismanagement:
If you haven’t managed to allot the time for a subject, it will be easier for you to manage everything through a perfect time-table. 

6. Helps in progress:
If you lack in a subject, it becomes more trouble-free for you to cover up or to do more good in that subject.

Padhle aims at providing material for free, without compulsorily having to sign up, login or enter your information. To help us in maintaining this, you can contribute to Padhle. Even a small amount can do wonders.

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Download the Time-Table here – Click Here

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